G6 Bones

As the name implies , these are Bare Bones , no frills quality.
First we have the EDT ( Every Day Tactical ) with a 2 3/4″ blade and just 6″ OAL it make a great every day carry or neck knife. Tackticool ….
Second is the Trapper , with a 3 1/4″ blade and almost 8″ long it could tackle most hunting/skinning chores with ease.
Lastly we have the Hunter, this is a good sized knife with the blade coming in at 5″ and a total length just shy of 9″. It could easily handle chores around camp and dress big game too.
The blades will be made from 1084 High Carbon steel , heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 58/59 for easy sharpening and long lasting edge retention.
The sheaths for the Bones will be made from Kydex that is .090″ thick, that has been riveted together , and will surely be around at the end of days. They will accept Tech-Lock and Molle attachments. The knife comes with 2 belt loops ( one for each side ) and can be worn vertical or horizontal ( Except the Trapper , its too short for that ride , LOL with a Tech-Lock it can be worn horizontally though )
The handles will be made from G10 ( a laid up fiberglass type of stuff that will be on earth longer than the Kydex ) that comes in a rainbow of colors and color combinations. They will be held on with 2 chainring bolts ,that has a hole through each one……built in lanyard tubes…..super COOL.
If you choose not to have handle scales on your knife , your in luck. The handles have a variety of holes so you can cord-wrap to your hearts content. LOL Or just go naked and show your Bones…